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Hi! I am ErnieParke, an English Wikian. You may view my English Wiki page here: link


setze [Var A v] auf [1]
setze [Var B v] auf [0]

sage <<(Var A) = [1]> und <(Var B) = [0]>> //gibt "true" (wahr) zurück
sage <<(Var A) = [0]> und <(Var B) = [0]>> //gibt "false" (falsch) zurück
sage <<(Var A) = [1]> und <(Var B) = [1]>> //gibt "false" (falsch) zurück
sage <<(Var A) = [0]> und <(Var B) = [1]>> //gibt "false" (falsch) zurück

set [var v] to [triangle]

define dance (speed)
    gehe (10) er-schritt
    borrar // Comentario
    attendre (1) secondes
    répéter indéfiniment
        dire (numero a caso tra (1) e (10)) per (2) secondi
        assigna a [testing v] el valor [0]

((1 v) 番目([リストa v])) を [リストb v] に追加する
(1 v) 番目を [リストa v] から削除する

Hello ErnieParke,
thank you very much for the block plugin in Dutch. I did a few tests myself and I think it works very well!
Best wishes from the Netherlands,
PinkyPepper (overleg) 26 jan 2016 10:56 (MET)
You're welcome. Peter helped out a lot with getting things working. ;)
On the bright side of things, I finally moved the updated plugin to this wiki! Huzzah! ErnieParke (overleg) 31 jan 2016 00:36 (MET)
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